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Dil Punjabi

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Dil = Heart

Nach = Dance



I have been training in dance and movement since the age of four. I have studied gymnastics, ballet, Belly Dance, Modern, Irish Step dance, West African (Ghanaian) dance, Swing dance, Contact Improv, Capoeira, Yoga, and many other dance/movement styles. I have performed as a dancer in stage productions and musicals, and was a member of the Flock Dance Company in Galway City, Ireland in 2003.  


In 2007, I learned about Bhangra for the first time in Boston. After moving to San Francisco in 2008, I discovered Dholrhythms Dance Company, and began studying Bhangra and Giddha with Vicki Virk. In 2011, I joined their student performance troupe, Rhythms of Punjab, and had the opportunity to perform traditional Punjabi dance all around the Bay Area. 


I relocated back to the Boston area at the end of 2013 and taught my first Bhangra workshop at River Tree Arts in Kennebunk, ME in March of 2014. In the fall of that year, I began teaching with Boston Bhangra at the Dance Complex in Central Square, Cambridge.


I have been a member of the Boston Bhangra adult performance team, and have created choreography for them, as well. I have taught individual students privately and in groups. I and my team have performed at the Dance Complex, and at schools and organizations around the Boston area. 


What is Dil Punjabi?

Dil Punjabi means "Punjabi at Heart" in Punjabi language.

Bhangra and Giddha are folk dances from the Punjab region of India and Pakistan. It has a rich history, stemming from the agricultural roots of that area, and is now performed worldwide, often in competitions, and danced informally at weddings, and all kinds of celebrations. 

We are a group of women dancers who love Bhangra, and love Punjabi music. Although we may not have grown up in Punjab, we seek to share their tradition. Bhangra is a dance that is about joy and celebration of life. Punjabi teachers have shared this dance with us, and we perform original choreography using traditional Punjabi steps.


Clients include: 

The City of Cambridge, MA

The Putnam Street School, Cambridge, MA

Cambridge Rindge and Latin School, Cambridge, MA

Concord Carlisle High School, Concord, MA

Labouré College, Milton, MA

Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, Cambridge, MA

Boston Public Library, East Boston Branch, Boston, MA


For information, please contact

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The Dance Complex, Central Square, Cambridge, MA - ongoing:

BHANGRA - Tuesdays: 7 - 8 p.m. in Studio #7

Drop-in style class for all levels.

All ages 12 and up are welcome; co-ed. 

More information can be found at



River Tree Arts, Kennebunk, ME - March 2014 - Bhangra Workshop


Private Instruction: If you would like to learn Punjabi dance one-on-one, I offer private, individualized teaching sessions tailored to your needs.  Contact for rates. 


Group Teaching and Choreography: If you and your friends would like to learn together, I can teach small groups for a one-time event, like a birthday or bridal shower. I can lead a series of classes to sharpen your skills or learn choreography for a performance, such as at a wedding or other event. Group teaching is also customized. Please contact me with any questions.  


Performance: Solo and group performances are available with one or more dancers. We can perform Bhangra or Giddha, or both, with the option of a mini-lesson for the audience.




"I had convinced myself that I was an obligate non-dancer...[But] after the sweat-inducing dance, I felt effervescent and radiant on the inside. I had overcome my fear...I also learned some useful stretches during the Bhangra lesson that I practiced during the week. I feel like my flexibility and elegance in movement increased from that one lesson...It was an inspiring class."

~ Ayo

(Excerpts from a paper written about attending class at the Dance Complex)


"That class kicked my a** - in a good way."

                                     ~ KT


"Taylor is a great teacher."

                     ~ CSF


"Thanks for your work creating community around your awesome dance."

                                                              ~ DR


  Dil Punjabi /Students from the Boston Bhangra class performing at the Dance Complex April 2016

Dil Punjabi/Students from the Boston Bhangra class performing at the Dance Complex April 2016